6 months ago

In continuation to the theme of blockchain acceptance in Islamic countries, OneGram project from Dubai, according to Crypto Insider, is the one that received two awards in a week from two different non-intersecting parties.

As the official webpage of OneGram states, each of its coins is backed by one gram of gold at launch. Each transaction made with the mentioned cryptocurrency generates a small fee that can be later reinvested to increase gold reserves and the amount of gold connected to single OneGram token. “In Gold We Trust”, that is the slogan of the company. In the characteristics of the cryptocurrency it is also mentioned that it is the first one to be certified in compliance with Shariah rules.

Two weeks ago a cryptocurrency company X8 from Switzerland got a certification from the Shariyah Review Bureau, licensed by Bahrain’s central bank.

On 17th of September OneGram was listed at the Huulk exchange, “moving from the technology into the business phase”. In the nearest plans the company also wants to be presented on TradeSatoshi.

On 21st November Ibrahim Mohammed, founder of the project, was awarded as a Fintech Leader of the Year 2018 during the Islamic Retail Banking Awards (IRBA) due to the company’s achievements this year. The editorial note: on the IRBA webpage the full name of the OneGram founder is written as Mohammed Ibraheem Khan.

On 26th November WIFA People’s Choice Award, being voted by public, was given to OneGram during the World Islamic Fintech Awards. That means the company is valued not only by expert community, but also by society.

Thank you, 25% of all WIFA voters have decided to take a vote for #OneGram. The way of #OneGram continues and we are just one step to another milestone. We released and new real coin usibility product roadmap. OneGram – the digital money for an extraordinary life.

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