6 months ago

Coinbase, the cryptocurrency exchange, based in the USA, has taken an original and innovative step to attract new workers and to retain talent.


The decision was to provide $5,000 a year for the following treatments as egg-freezing through the Carrot startup, specialized on fertility benefiting services. This option comes in addition to the basic health insurance, provided to the employees, and has been functioning since summer.

Now Coinbase is in the lineup with Facebook, Apple and Google as the companies that also give their employees a choice to plan childbirth and pursue family in accordance to their own timelines. Prelude and Extend Fertility mean to be the startups that offered egg-freezing option to three tech giants on the market.

That is obvious that this measure has already distinguished Coinbase from the other exchange, in particular, the cryptocurrency ones, even if the attitude towards family planning through egg-freezing is a rather controversial issue.

It’s definitely a luxury, which is why I feel fortunate that Coinbase and Carrot help make family planning more simple and affordable. It’s frankly a relief not to have to worry about family planning on a day-to-day basis.

Anonymous employee of Coinbase

The number of employees who benefited from the addition to health insurance wouldn’t be made public by the company. At the same time Nat McGrath, Coinbase’s VP of people, underlines that this benefit can be used by all the exchange’s employees and their partners without regard to their sexual or gender orientation.

As it comes from Tammy Sun, Carrot CEO, Coinbase is not the only cryptocurrency company interested in the innovative project and there are some that have started exploring these options and benefits from them.

We believe that in a short amount of time – fewer than five years – millennials will come to work expecting fertility coverage… And we are working with Coinbase to deliver on this.

Tammy Sun