7 months ago

The developers of Parity Technologies have released the beta version of the Parity Singer 2.0 application, which allows  to store and sign cryptocurrency transactions using a private key offline.

The updated version with an improved interface Parity Singer allows you to use the old phone as a hardware wallet. The company reports:

Parity Signer lets you generate, store, and safely sign transactions with your private key on devices that never connect to the internet

The application supports multiple networks – Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Ropsten and Koval. The built-in security mechanism prevents users from signing transactions for other networks.

The app also notifies users when their device is online. With the help of QR-code, Parity Signer 2.0 can also be synchronized with the MyCrypto cryptograph.

The Parity Technologies team does not recommend to store large amounts on the device since the new version of the application is experimental.