7 months ago

A researcher at the University of Pittsburgh argues that concerns related to high electricity consumption by miners have no basis.

One of the most frequently mentioned flaws of crypto is its high power consumption (thus, being environmentally unfriendly). However, the researcher from the University of Pittsburgh, US Katrina Kelly-Pete, a specialist in the field of computer engineering published an article “Stop worrying about how much energy bitcoin uses“. She strives to debunk the myth of a future environmental disaster due to crypto mining.

According to her, any new technology, including data processing centers and personal computers themselves, can be called ineffective and dangerous from the certain energy point of view. However, the challenge is not to abandon these technologies altogether, but to improve them, while looking for more effective and ecological solutions and innovations.

She also points our attention to the fact that some of the mining enterprises consume electricity from renewable sources, for instance, in Iceland, electricity is produced mainly from tides.