8 months ago

The international company for the prevention of cyberattacks Group-IB and the AddCapital fund presented a technological model of a hedge fund, designed to minimize cyber-attacks and provide information security for operations and storage of digital financial assets (DFA).

The model is a package of solutions for qualified and institutional investors, which will allow to structure and secure investments in new alternative markets due to the complex of products, regulations and requirements for cybersecurity required for investors working with DFA.

The conceptual solutions included in the model are based on the technologies of early detection of cyber attacks Threat Detection System and the system of behavioral analysis to control and reduce the risks arising on the side of users – Secure Portal. Information on the most pressing threats is provided through the system Threat Intelligence (Cyber ​​Intelligence).

According to Yusufov, through the fund, regulators will be able to control the flow of investments, using traditional approaches and the currently available legislative framework. Thus, large qualified investors will have access to the DFA market through licensed players with the usual control over the payment of taxes.

In pilot mode, the model is already used in a number of funds under the control of AddCapital. The further work of this group will be aimed at structuring and expanding the safe infrastructure for the storage and management of CFA in the Russian Federation.