9 months ago

Famous Russian surgeon-oncologist Andrey Pavlenko is sure that he will reverse the oncological crisis in Russia with the help of screening and monitoring medical examinations via decentralized platform.

In Russia oncological diseases claim 3.5 million lives annually, which significantly exceeds the mortality rates in many first-world countries. According to Pavlenko, the only possible solution at this stage is “digitalization, the introduction of registries that will work in every medical institution and accumulate all the data”. He suggests a data base of surgeons that will include record of operations, complications, letality etc. The implementation of the blockchain technology and the new administration system, according to the surgeon, should start with a pilot project at first.

Blockchain is widely used in the healthcare system of different countries. This May, it was revealed that Intel led the development of a blockchain to monitor the supply chain of addictive drugs in the US market.