8 months ago

An international non-profit organization Mile Unity Foundation has announced the creation of an extensive network of embassies to promote knowledge about the digital assets industry.

According to Yuri Gugnin, the global ambassador of the Mile Unity Foundation, the main task of the embassies is training of civil servants, financial organizations, entrepreneurs and developers to use crypto-active assets in the real economy.

It is reported that the project will allow to withdraw cryptographics from the shadows, make blockchain technologies accessible to a large number of people and apply them in the real economy for trade, lending, money transfers and investments.

One of the useful technologies on the basis of which projects in the embassies will be created is the decentralized stebblecoin XDR algorithm.

The first embassy was opened on September 7 in Seoul (South Korea), the following will appear in India, China, Japan, the US, Switzerland and VR-spaces.