8 months ago

The decision of the Supreme People’s Court of China came into force, according to which records on blockchain now have legal force and can be used as evidence in legal disputes in court.

Testing of new judicial technology in China began in 2015, and in August 2017, the first in China online court in Hangzhou, which accepts claims for violation of intellectual property rights on the Internet, has begun its work. All court procedures, starting with filing a lawsuit and filing a lawsuit, are conducted remotely, via the court’s web page. Hearings and the announcement of the verdict are online, in real time.

In July of this year, the Hangzhou online court was the first to acknowledge that blockchain records could be used as evidence in court cases, which was one of the first precedents in the world for using blockchain technologies in court proceedings.

Now, the Supreme Court of China has ordered all online courts of the country to recognize the legality of the blockchain as a method of storing and authenticating digital evidence, provided that the parties can prove the legitimacy of the technology used in the process.

The new decree became timely, as China is preparing for the early launch of two new online ships, in Beijing and the third largest city in the country, Guangzhou.