6 months ago

Swiss firm Dukascopy has applied to FINMA for approval of the launch of two cryptocurrencies: Dukascoins limited-emission tokens and Dukasnotes stubble coins.

Initially, Dukascopy plans to reward customers with tokens as part of promotions designed to promote the messenger Connect 911, current mobile accounts, as well as a new type of Swiss bank accounts MCA which are also available to foreigners. For example, when opening a new MCA account, the customer will receive 5 Dukascoins tokens, and the bank – 10.

The issue of Dukascoins tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain or a stronger analogue of Dukascoins tokens will be limited to 20 billion coins, and the issue of Fiat-convertible Steyblokins will be limited only by the capabilities of the deposit fund of the bank which, according to the organizers, will be regularly audited .

The announcement says that the company plans to launch Dukasnotes in order to offer customers a new way to make payments with breakthrough speed, convenience for customers and with minimal commissions, and customers will be able to transfer funds to other countries and also use them to buy goods and services of companies use the payment solutions of the Swiss company.

According to the company’s representatives, if the regulator has a positive response, the launch of Dukascoins will be carried out within a few months, and in another 2-3 months stibblocones will also be issued.

Earlier, it was reported that Switzerland plans to create its national cryptocurrency supported by the Swiss franc.