8 months ago

On Monday, September 17, Tezos Foundation will officially complete the beta test period of the protocol.

As noted by CoinDesk, the upcoming event is of a conceptual nature, since the launch of a viable software version was made at the end of June. After that, in the listings of several exchanges, Tokens of the Tezos project appeared under the ticker XTZ.

Despite the fact that then the blockchain Tezos could already be used for its intended purpose, technically the system remained in the beta testing stage, and its work could be suspended at any time for technical reasons.

According to informed sources, since the launch of the network there was only one failure. So, in mid-July for an hour, correct blockchain validation was not performed. The problem was solved, and since then the blockchain system has been working smoothly.

The first time after the launch of the network, transactions on the network were validated only by the Tezos Foundation itself. However, on July 20, access to the system was opened for third-party validators.