11 months ago

Blockstream team introduced seven new applications designed for working in the Lightning Network in the frame of their #WeekofLApps project.

Most of the apps are downloadable and usable on testnet. The apps are generally aimed at helping creators and entrepreneurs to break away from the traditional constraints of conducting business online.

One of the recent LApps is Nanotip. It is a virtual tip jar that allows users to donate “atomic amounts” of coins to anyone in a trice combining privacy of Lightning and simplicity of Bitcoin. The tipping apps on Lightning Network are mostly considered challenging, as users have to operate with invoices, making it difficult to deposit on an exchange. However, the app presented by Blockstream appears to be more user-friendly providing the operator with one’s own simple tip-bot. As tipping has become a common way to support creators, there should be a demand for easy-to-use tipping apps.

Blockstream has presented few more LApps for content creators as well: FileBazzar, LightningPublisher. FileBazzar and LightningPublisher are tools for content creators. While FileBazzar is an ecommerce instrument mostly for artists and photographers, LightningPublisher is a plug-in for WordPress for authors and bloggers. Both of these tools show the preview of the creator’s work before providing a full access after receiving a micropayment.

Paypercall, one more Blockstream’s creation, is a different type of app: it is an instrument to request payments for specific, programmatic API actions.

Blockstream CSO Samson Mow noted that LApps can in a matter of months achieve the results that Ethereum could not deliver.

Blockstream is a company based in San Francisco that provides a range of software and hardware solutions and expert services to companies deploying new blockchain-based networks. Its team includes some of the most experienced developers of the Bitcoin Core team, i.e. Gregory Maxwell, Pieter Wuille and Matt Corallo.