9 months ago

The Wall Street Journal composed a list of 25 technology companies to monitor this year. They included companies involved in the fields of cybersecurity and AI, as well as five blockchain projects.

The 2nd place in the general list was granted to the corporation Blockstream. The startup founded in Montreal in 2014 is working on the development of micropayments and Lightning Network apps.

On the 6th place was the company called R3 that develops a blockchain-based platform for conducting transactions – mainly, between financial institutions. R3 is based in New York and has been operating since 2015.

11th place was taken by another New York-based company – Digital Asset Holdings LLC, also working on fast and safe transactions between financial institutions.

Brave Software Inc, founded in 2015 in San Francisco, was on the 12th place. Last year, Brave developed a browser where users could receive payments in BTC for viewing ads. Then the organization held one of the fastest tokensales in history, selling all its tokens in just 30 seconds, collecting $35 million.

13th place was taken by the California-based company Plutus Financial Inc, known as Abra. Startup developed a mobile application for investing in 25 digital assets and 50 currencies.

Earlier, The Wall Street Journal published a study of 1450 crypto projects, which showed that 18.6% of them have characteristics of being a scam.