7 months ago

With the assistance of Crypto Finance Conference a list of funds investing in the crypto industry was composed.

Using Crunchbase information, analysts rated VC firms and investors by the number of crypto companies in their portfolios. Among the first ten ones on the ranking there are mostly American firms and investors.

The first place belongs to the Digital Currency Group. All of the company’s 97 investments are in crypto, including such big projects as Coinbase or Abra. On an honorable second place – Blockchain Capital (57 crypto investments out of 58 are crypto-related).

Andrea-Franco Stöhr, Co-Founder and CEO of CFC who conducted the research, elaborates:

The fact that nearly 40 of the top 100 investors on this list have over 90% of their portfolios in blockchain projects shows this is more than a niche space.

While it is mostly new firms and funds who choose blockchain projects to invest their capital, this study clearly shows that traditional VC investors have made crypto one of recognized spheres that they are willing to put their money into.