7 months ago

Blockchain Hackathon and two-day ICO pitching session will be hosted by the Malta Blockchain Summit in partnership with CryptoFriends.

The Malta Blockchain Hackathon will run from October 31st until November 2nd, starting one day before the Summit itself. The prize pool is €50 000.

There were three options for the application, that could be made until September 15th, the individual application, team application and team plus one with a possibility of the individual participants selection in case the team is incomplete.

The complete team can consist of from 4 to 8 participant with two developers, UX, UI business designer, software architect and architect guided by a chosen team leader.

The hackathon theme is still unknown and its announcement will be made to the day to make a competition absolutely fair and transparent. The decentralized solutions will be considered along with the distributed ones.

Etoro, DAO.Casino and tZERO are named as sponsors of this event.

Talking about the ICO-pitching session, which will take place on November 1st and the following day, 30 ICO projects will be featured and evaluated by jury.

The participant chosen from the online applications will have 8 minutes to present their projects and 2 minutes then for answering the questions. The registration for this competition is still opened and it will last until October 20th. Those who will be elected for the in-person round will get an invitation on October 21th.

The following criterias will be taken into account during the last challenge:

  • Business model;
  • Scalability;
  • Team assessment;
  • Investors terms and criteria of liquidity;
  • The problem solution;
  • Token Model and proceeds distribution.