10 months ago

According to CoinDesk, a UK Member of Parliament Grant Shapps has resigned as a blockchain project advisor after it was disclosed that he was stealthily getting paid for his services.

Shapps quitted OpenBrix – and left a parliamentary blockchain group he co-founded – after the Financial Times’ Alphaville revealed a covert deal between him and the blockchain startup. Although Shapps claimed that he was working for free, OpenBrix apparently paid him in crypto tokens.

OpenBrix is a blockchain-based property platform which allows a decentralized system for real estate owners.

The CEO Shahad Choudhury told Alphaville that Shapps signed a consultancy contract with OpenBrix. Shapps wrote an article about the potential of the blockchain for the real estate market and went to an OpenBrix event.

Shapps and several other advisors would have received 8 million BRIX tokens in total ($3.7 million). According to CoinDesk, Shapps has reportedly refused to accept any tokens as of press time.