8 months ago

Developers of bitcoin wallet Blockchain accused the platform in a deliberate re-branding with the goal of misleading users. As they say in the official blog of the company, the corresponding complaint was transferred to the US Federal Court.

According to the Blockchain’s team, the site was created by the founders of the Paymium platform, also known as Instawallet, which in 2013 was  hacked. Now, ex-Paymium plans to conduct an initial coin offering (ICO) and with the help of rebranding is encrypted from deceived depositors.

The similarity of the two platforms is noticeable even in the brand elements of the site: a similar domain name (; colour scale (shades of dark blue); logo from similar geometric shapes; the slogan.

They also claim that Paymium has not applied for registration with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), although it says the opposite.

Recently in the end of June, Blockchain announced the migration of services from the domain to the main domain of