6 months ago

Despite Bitcoin (BTC) losing over 73% of its value this year, the long-range outlook for BTC and cryptocurrencies is positive among a growing number of freelancers who say they prefer to be paid in digital currency over fiat.

According to a new survey on the peer-to-peer platform, 18% expressed a clear preference in receiving payments in crypto over fiat.

Another 11% expressed interest in receiving partial payments in digital currency, bringing the total number of interested participants to 29%.

Over 1,100 US freelancers were surveyed about their openness to being paid in crypto. Freelance workers include self-employed writers, tutors, designers and developers.

Four percent of users say they have already accepted payment in crypto. is a blockchain-based freelancer marketplace with over 200,000 users and 59,000 providers. It joins a range of freelance job boards where employers and workers spend and earn crypto, including and Ethlance, which allow freelancers to earn Ethereum, and Jobs4Bitcoins, a subreddit of over 20,000 subscribers connecting freelancers and employers.

Despite a growing number of platforms geared toward crypto freelancers, relevant jobs listings and searches rise and fall with the price of Bitcoin, as it did with, a platform for Bitcoin freelancers that’s primarily visited by UK residents.

Site traffic peaked in January 2018 when Bitcoin hit an all-time high of nearly $20,000, and then steadily dropped as Bitcoin’s price declined.

As long as living costs are pegged to dollars and fiat currencies, crypto wages are a calculated risk. It will likely take a Bitcoin price surge to restore Bitcoin-related job searches, along with confidence in crypto wages, to peak levels.