8 months ago

A command of aviation systems of the US Navy (NAVAIR), engaged in equipping the air fleet and air-based weapons, reported in a press release about the beginning of a study on whether the blockchain system will track the life cycle of the parts more effectively than currently used methods.

To replace manual processes on paper media with a modern automated system on a closed blockchain, the Command entered into a partnership agreement with a company in Indiana ITAMCO to use the blockchain-based as a service platform developed jointly with DARPA.

Together with ITAMCO NAVAIR is planning to create a concept for a chain of custody chain that combines complete traceability of parts and data storage security, paying attention to the ability of SIMBA network protocols to process “quickly and securely large amounts of data”. At the same time, such a blockchain will require considerably less computing power, rather than, for example, the Bitkoyn network.