10 months ago

Yuri Dromashko, from Irkutsk, Siberia is searching for stolen equipment worth 1.5 million rubles – and apparently, he lost his faith in law enforcement. So he turned to private detectives and to psychics.

“Detectives work in Irkutsk. On lake Baikal we are searching with the assistance of spirits and shamans. Four or five people probably worked on the theft. Why did they have to screw their destiny, to go on a criminal path for the sake of some trifles?” Dromashko elaborated.

Dromashko, an engineer by profession, got into mining in 2016. According to him, he sold the apartment and took out a loan to start mining crypto. In addition to that, Dromashko also owns a karaoke café in Irkutsk.

28 ASIC for bitcoin mining were stolen in mid-July.  Irkutsk region is one of the most popular regions for Russian miners to accommodate mining equipment due to the availability of affordable electricity.