3 months ago

Automattic, the developer of WordPress, has introduced a new publishing platform targeting small and medium-sized news sites this week. It is noteworthy that Newspack will have built-in blockchain tools.

The project is launched in partnership with News Revenue Hub and Spirited Media and received $ 2.4 million in investment from several large companies, including Google ($ 1.2 million through the Google News Initiative), Lenfest Institute for Journalism ($ 400,000) and the John and James Foundation Knights ($ 250,000).

In addition, the developer of Ethereum solutions ConsenSys, whose contribution to the project amounted to $ 350,000, was among the investors of Newspack.

A representative of ConsenSys, meanwhile, confirmed investment in Newspack, noting that publishers will be offered access to blockchain tools through a product called Publisher, developed by Civil Media startup.

Civil’s Publisher will allow publishers to archive content on a decentralized network and will be available on Newspack as a widget.

At the moment, Newspack is at the pilot project stage. Closed beta testing will begin in July 2019. According to Automattic, the new platform will combine the best editorial and business practices used in the media.

The development period will last until the end of January 2020, after which the platform will be open to approximately 60 publications. It is also reported that at the pre-launch stage, the platform will be financed exclusively by Automattic and its partners. After the official launch, Newspack users will pay about $ 1-2 thousand a month.