Top 10 Scariest ICO investments ever

Some might still think that investing in crypto is a piece of cake going on and on about “what if I bought Bitcoin back in 2011?” But to be fair you would have still had a chance to mess things up purchasing a slice of pizza with all those bitcoins a year later. Because even

6 months ago

Traditional VC companies keen on crypto: new research is published

With the assistance of Crypto Finance Conference a list of funds investing in the crypto industry was composed. Using Crunchbase information, analysts rated VC firms and investors by the number of crypto companies in their portfolios. Among the first ten ones on the ranking there are mostly American firms and investors. The first place belongs

8 months ago

Crypto influencers: encouragement for investing or not?

Basically, both ordinary online-savvy people and celebrities are a perfect marketing tool for good digital advertising, as it has been one of the fastest growing means of marketing in recent years. In other words, probably any product can be sold with the help of public advice on social media channels. Definitely, cryptocurrency projects are not

9 months ago

In investor’s shoes

Iskander Giniatullin, the partner in Sistema VC, managed media assets in the AFK Sistema before entering the venture industry. IG: Before coming to venture industry, I worked on how to transform the traditional portfolio of media assets in accordance with the principles of the new economy. At that time it became pretty obvious that venture

9 months ago

Lambo Index

April Fools’ Day joke by Coinmarketcap might not be that funny.Bitcoin lost. This is final. Great expectations of a decentralized currency fell victim to human greed. Is it bad? Probably, yes. Will crypto cease to exist? Definitely not. Bitcoin was introduced as a peer to peer censorship- and government-free means of payment based on the

11 months ago