From weed to sale

During the last couple of years, blockchain and cannabis were the two industries attracting a lot of attention, mainly because both of them ballooned from being something backstreet and underground to the most emerging and promising businesses. Even in their darkest period both went hand in hand. For example, “Silk Road”, a dark web marketplace,

2 days ago

When will the bear market be over?

The bear market of 2018 is neither the longest (so far) nor the toughest in the history of crypto. It was way worse 4 years ago when Bitcoin went down to around $400 just in 3 months after reaching almost $1200 in December 2013 and did not recover until January 2017 (three whole years !).

5 days ago

Decenturion distributed tokens that finally have a real utility

Decenturion, the world’s first decentralized state, announced one of the first real-life utility for FNDC tokens, cryptocurrency issued by Finolog, the resident on state’s startup accelerator program. A current number of citizens in October 2018 exceeds 280 thousand. It is expected that it will grow to 1,8 million by 2019. Now, any state’s resident can

4 weeks ago

More centralized ministries in decentralized state

The Ministry of Strategic Development (MSD) has been set in the Decenturion State, the world’s first state that utilizes decentralized technologies in the law-making, economy, and social sphere. MSD will be in charge of creating, testing and executing new business strategies, as well as improving the ideas of other ministries to demonstrate the world a

1 month ago